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  • Geothermal: Innovation and Employment

    The Memorandum with Tuscan geothermal municipalities to develop local employment and business. The new hydraulic drilling plant put online in Larderello and the projects across the world: plants already online in the US and under construction in Chile. Enel Green Power’s geothermal fully develops with increasing sustainability and competitiveness

  • Chile, a Sun and Sea ‘Mine’

    The country, which is famous for its metal ores, also has abundant renewable energy. With 2,380 hours a year of exposure and a radiation percentage higher than that of the Sahara, it has a considerable growth potential in solar PV, and the long Ocean coastline offer significant development prospects for marine energy

  • A New Frontier for Storage

    Enel Green Power’s projects to integrate renewables into energy storage systems. From the Ollagüe hybrid plant storage system in Chile, which grants constant access to electricity to the inhabitants of the Andean village, to those in Catania and Potenza Pietragalla in Italy, to verify how storage benefits electricity dispatching

  • GEA Honors 2015 to the Stillwater Plant

    Enel Green Power’s hybrid plant, first in the world to integrate geothermal and solar capacity, was acknowledged by the US Geothermal Energy Association. The reasons for the award are: “a critical milestone for renewable energy industry” that “is driving the future of the geothermal industry”.

  • Sustainability: the CNN Chooses Ollagüe

    A video narrates Enel Green Power’s project in Chile: a full-round example of sustainability and an innovation lab that integrates solar and small wind into traditional generation, achieving a micro-grid and granting the village energy independence and constant access to electricity

  • Green Energy, Driver of Change

    Once an ‘element of interference’ with a system based on fossil fuels, large plants, centralised and unidirectional distribution, now a pioneer of change. Renewables have ‘imposed’ a transformation of the energy sector’s environmental and technological aspects but also its structure, the role of innovation and market organisation

  • The Italian Sun Looks Outwards

    The report by the International Energy Agency’s Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme underlines the importance of global market competitiveness for the solar PV supply chain. For Italy the Agency mentions the successful case of 3SUN, which manufactures the thin-film modules that Enel Green Power is installing in Latin America and South Africa.

  • Sustainability Triplete at Ollagüe

    Enel Green Power’s project in Chile: renewables, new technologies and the involvement of the local population, achieving an all-round example of the Creating Shared Value model. An innovation laboratory that integrates solar and smallscale wind power generation with traditional generation methods, the project entails the construction of a micro-grid and grants the local population constant access to electricity

  • EGP’s Renewables are Worth 1000 (MW)

    Over the first five months of 2015 Enel Green Power has already totalled 1543.2 of new MW from plants that have been put into service, those under construction and awarded tenders. Wind and solar generated in particular in Latin America and Africa, confirming the lines of the new Strategic Plan and the 7.1 GW additional capacity target by 2019

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Installed capacity from renewables is 9,819 MW, produced by 737 plants in 15 countries

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Impianto Archimede


The potential of solar power worldwide, with particular reference to photovoltaic (PV) energy, is huge: according to the EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) the photovoltaic sector has been growing at an average rate of 35% in the last ten years. [...]


Impianto eolico Sardegna


Wind power has been experiencing an extraordinary development in the last few years. And it is expected to grow at a rate of 30% per year in the near future. [...]


Fortuna - Costa Rica


The generation of hydroelectric energy occupies the first place at a global level. At present, Enel Green Power controls plants in Europe, North America and Latin America. [...]


Geothermal Chiusdino


Italy is the country where geothermal energy has been exploited for the first time for industrial purposes and is currently one of the main producers of geothermal electricity in the world. [...]


Canada - Saint Felicien


The exploitation of biomass is an important chapter in Europe's development of renewable energy. This resource is expected to make a significant contribution in the production of electricity, heat and biofuels [...]

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