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Residential solutions

Why choose Enel Green Power Point companies: The companies which are part of Enel Green Power Point offer turnkey solutions focused on energy saving.
Enel Green Power, in partnership with specialised companies, develops geothermal air-conditioning systems that ensure a comfortable environment, together with remarkable savings and an eco-friendly technology.

You can count on a free, full-range customer service to help you solve all your problems regarding the implementation of your system.

The benefits of investing in a geothermal system

Geothermal power represents an alternative, clean, renewable energy source which is available anywhere.
The installation of a geothermal system provides a series of advantages in terms of costs:

  • except for the electricity consumed by the heat pump, thermal energy is completely free, regardless of external temperatures, and keeps the system working all year long;
  • compared to a methane heater, operating costs are reduced by about 60%;
  • a single system can both  heat and cool  a building;
  • there is far less maintenance compared to traditional thermal systems.

Geothermal systems are particularly suited to work with low-temperature heating/cooling terminals, hence they can ensure top environmental comfort, in addition to remarkable energy savings.

CO2 Neutral