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  • EGP’s ‘Solar School’ in Chile

    Enel Green Power has completed its first technical training programme for young people from the town of Taltal in the province of Antofagasta: 12 of them have had theoretical lessons and practical sessions at EGP’s solar plants. The programme is aimed at creating specialist employment opportunities in the field of solar PV technology

  • EGP’s Sustainable Worksites on The Guardian Website

    Enel Green Power’s model for building new plants and refurbishing existing ones, ensuring economic and environmental sustainability in all stages of construction. Examples already carried out and a catalogue of solutions conceived: the choice of materials and how they are used, involving local communities and safety at work.

  • Latin America Wants to ‘GoGreen’

    In the second quarter of 2015 in Latin America construction began on new solar plants to generate a total of 981 MW. A continent-wide trend sees green energy growing hand in hand with energy consumption (at an average of 4% per year), as well as the presence of Enel Green Power, which in the first half of 2015 has increased its electricity generation by 63.2% compared with 2014

  • EGP: Developing a Dialogue to Build Together

    Enel Green Power’s commitment to dialoguing with the local population of the countries in which it operates to build together sustainable development goes beyond the mere construction and running of renewable energy plants. In Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica, three examples show how local projects can be set up with communities to achieve the common good

  • Energy Divide: Electricity for Development

    The lack of a stable access to energy results in limited health, food, education and economic development for over one billion people in the world. Bringing electricity where it is lacking leads to an all-round improvement of life conditions. Enel Green Power’s projects in Latin America bring energy to local communities living in isolated rural areas

  • EGP Leader and Innovator in South African Retail Market

    A challenge and an objective for the Group’s company that participated in the event “South Africa Retail” at Cape Town. The meeting helped take stock of activities, present the company business model and launch the EGP Academy web community

  • Green Collars: Renewables and Employment

    Renewables create jobs for over 7 million people in the world. Very diverse profiles including specialists in small household installations and large wind and solar plant maintenance, Big Data information technology and innovation technology engineering

  • EGP and the New Asian-Pacific Horizon

    EGP looks to India, thanks to its expertise in wind and PV, as well as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Australia what with its knowhow in hydro, geothermal and biomass. Its success combines the study of local contexts, human resources and skills, the possibility to invest as well as longterm vision

  • Chile, Renewables in Grand Style

    The Finis Terrae solar PV field, set to become the country’s largest, and Cerro Pabellόn, the first geothermal plant in Latin America and the first binary cycle built at a 4,500 metre altitude. Two sites that turn Chile into a record-breaker on the continent for Enel Green Power

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Where we operate

Installed capacity from renewables is 9,924 MW, produced by 739 plants in 15 countries

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Impianto Archimede


The potential of solar power worldwide, with particular reference to photovoltaic (PV) energy, is huge: according to the EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) the photovoltaic sector has been growing at an average rate of 35% in the last ten years. [...]


Impianto eolico Sardegna


Wind power has been experiencing an extraordinary development in the last few years. And it is expected to grow at a rate of 30% per year in the near future. [...]


Fortuna - Costa Rica


The generation of hydroelectric energy occupies the first place at a global level. At present, Enel Green Power controls plants in Europe, North America and Latin America. [...]


Geothermal Chiusdino


Italy is the country where geothermal energy has been exploited for the first time for industrial purposes and is currently one of the main producers of geothermal electricity in the world. [...]


Canada - Saint Felicien


The exploitation of biomass is an important chapter in Europe's development of renewable energy. This resource is expected to make a significant contribution in the production of electricity, heat and biofuels [...]

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