• O&M push wind power and competitiveness

    In Oklahoma, where Enel Green Power North America has 534MW of wind power online and 350MW under construction, component replacement times have been greatly reduced thanks to the efficiency of on-site Operations & Maintenance teams and the Conditioning Monitoring System that checks the functioning of all working turbines

  • The ‘capacity’ that is useful for green energy

    Enel Green Power’s growth in 2014 is evidenced in particular by its installed capacity, which has increased by 1GW, and by its €134 million EBITDA rise, while EGP’s competitiveness depends on its ability to make its own strategic choices and results in a highly appropriate policy regarding operational investments, which over the last year have attained €1,629 millions, €382 million more than in 2013

  • EGP Helping Mexico Reach Green Targets

    Mexico wants to increase the share of green energy in total installed capacity to 33 percent, and wind power is expected to increase its capacity from around 2.5GW to 9.5GW in the country, where EGP has an installed capacity of 399MW and where it will allocate a large portion of the investments set out in the Group’s new 2015-2019 Business Plan

  • New Wind Farm Sign of EGP Growth in Brazil

    With a net installed capacity of 376MW and 28 plants online, Brazil is one of the most advanced Latin American market that Enel Green Power takes part in, attracting €220 million of investment in 2014 and contributing an additional 199MW to capacity on the continent. This is a trend that will continue in 2015

  • The Wide World of Small Hydro

    The development potential of small hydropower worldwide has been estimated to be 173GW, and while Africa, Asia and Latin America show the greatest potential, plants in Europe can also offer a significant contribution to domestic electricity systems, responding to sustainability, distributed generation and energy security needs

  • More Green Energy and Jobs with EGP

    Enel Green Power is hiring young people in Italy and continues to bring in new generations, thus increasing the resources engaged in its global development: since 2008, its net generation has grown from 17.3 TWh to more than 31 TWh, its plants from 78 to around 740, its employees from 1,500 to more than 3,600

  • EGP Signs Green Energy Deal with GM in Mexico

    An agreement struck by Enel Green Power and General Motors will see a 34MW wind farm built in Toluca in Mexico that will power the car manufacturers local operations. The facility will generate clean electricity that will help reduce both the emissions and the environmental impact of GM’s production activities in the Central American country

  • EGP Top of the Solar Pops in Latin America

    Enel Green Power has been ranked number one for pipeline and second for installed capacity in GMT Research’s Latin America PV Playbook, which is names the companies that have made the greatest contribution to the development of PV solar in Latin America in 2014.

  • Enel Green Power and Big Data

    Big Data technology is being used to improve renewable energy plant performance and achieve a predictive maintenance that optimises the work of both employees and machines. Enel Green Power’s Predictive Analytics project, which has seen a network of 2.5 million sensors installed inside 5,000 wind turbines at EGP’s wind farms, is one such example

  • EGP in Global Green Energy Contests

    Enel Green Power’s roadmap for 2015 is marked by the range of tenders in which the company is participating: from February to August twelve tenders are scheduled in eight countries across Europe, Africa and Latin America, in which more than 8GW of wind, solar and geothermal power will be assigned

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The potential of solar power worldwide, with particular reference to photovoltaic (PV) energy, is huge: according to the EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) the photovoltaic sector has been growing at an average rate of 35% in the last ten years. [...]


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