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  • The Renewable Future that Awaits Africa

    IRENA’s “Africa 2030: Roadmap for a Renewable Energy Future” report predicts that the continent could quadruple the renewable share in its energy mix within the next 15 years. “These technologies are available, reliable and increasingly cost-competitive”; governments must now “create the conditions to accelerate”. This opinion echoes Enel Green Power’s vision, as shown by its development projects

  • EGP’s Solar Schools in Chile and South Africa

    Learning a profession by studying with technicians and specialists. In South Africa the Green Academy teaches young people how to install PV panels, becoming sellers for local customers or opening small sector businesses for the retail market. Training in Chile provides basic skills in the solar technology both for homes and industry

  • EGP Lesson in Sustainability at the CSR and Social Innovation Salon

    Enel Green Power promotes the encounter “Territorial-Corporate Integration in the Age of Creating Shared Value” at the CSR and Social Innovation Salon, scheduled October 6th and 7th at the Bocconi University. The San Pellegrino ‘sustainable worksite’ in Italy and the Ollagüe innovative project in Chile cited as examples

  • Sustainable Electricity for Mexican Schools

    Enel Green Power has donated solar PV panels from the Dominica wind farm to the Ejido de San Francisco and Manuel José Othón schools in the region of San Luis Potosí. These panels will allow students and teachers to have continuously lighted schoolrooms and stable access to energy to power their well

  • Renewables: Egypt is Moving at a Faster Pace

    Enel Green Power CEO Francesco Venturini at the event promoted by RES4MED and the Arab League’s Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. By means of competitive bids and incentives, the MENA region’s leading country provides a favourable development framework but needs to overcome historical barriers

  • EGP Launches Innovation Contest

    Enel Green Power launches a public contest with a final prize of €10,000, aimed to find innovative solutions for five technical challenges in the renewable energy field. The closure date for the submission of proposals is 31st October 2015. It’s easy to participate: just go on the contest website, sign up and send in your idea

  • EGP’s New Marine Machine in Pantelleria

    Inertial Sea Wave Energy Converter (ISWEC) is the marine machine that harnesses the sea wave surface swell, turning it into electricity. The prototype is the result of the partnership between Enel Green Power and Wave for Energy, a Polytechnic of Turin spin-off. The Sicilian island is hosting the first phase of the off-grid test

  • From Chile to Italy To Discover Geothermal

    Representatives of communities living near the Cerro Pabellón plant visit Enel Green Power’s geothermal district in Tuscany to become familiar with plants and technologies, as well as businesses, mayors and entrepreneurs in the region that benefit from geothermal power, with its effects on employment, professional opportunities and related economic activities

  • The Powering Education Project in Kenya
    Renewables That Improve School Performance

    Enel Green Power has presented at EXPO 2015, during the Kenyan National Day, the first results of the project carried out together with Enel Foundation for young people in this country. The first stage has involved 12 schools and 350 students, showing how the distribution of solar lamps has favourably affected students’ achievements

  • Geothermal: EGP Displays in Chile the ‘Made in Italy’ Technological Excellence

    Enel Green Power inaugurated on September 7th the exhibit “Geothermal, Italian Energy from the Heart of the Planet” at Santiago’s Museo Interactivo Mirador (MIM). The exhibit is one of the initiatives organised in celebration of The Year of Italy in Latin America, which is being promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and aims to highlight the different features of Italy’s presence in Latin America.

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Installed capacity from renewables is 10.031 MW, produced by 731 plants in 16 countries

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Impianto Archimede


The potential of solar power worldwide, with particular reference to photovoltaic (PV) energy, is huge: according to the EPIA (European Photovoltaic Industry Association) the photovoltaic sector has been growing at an average rate of 35% in the last ten years. [...]


Impianto eolico Sardegna


Wind power has been experiencing an extraordinary development in the last few years. And it is expected to grow at a rate of 30% per year in the near future. [...]


Fortuna - Costa Rica


The generation of hydroelectric energy occupies the first place at a global level. At present, Enel Green Power controls plants in Europe, North America and Latin America. [...]


Geothermal Chiusdino


Italy is the country where geothermal energy has been exploited for the first time for industrial purposes and is currently one of the main producers of geothermal electricity in the world. [...]


Canada - Saint Felicien


The exploitation of biomass is an important chapter in Europe's development of renewable energy. This resource is expected to make a significant contribution in the production of electricity, heat and biofuels [...]

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