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Renewable energy is a globally growing industry developing along two main trends:

  • in maturing markets, growth in certain technologies requires incentives that follow a declining cycle linked to the increased cost efficiency of newer technologies;
  • in emerging markets, the development is fostered by  fundamental drivers such as demographic expansion and economic growth, which drives electricity demand

Emerging markets and mature markets share  some common features:

  • Global scale is increasingly important
  • local dimension at operational level is critical to ensure best local adjustment and best-in-class performance on a plant by plant basis.

Additionally, renewables are increasingly requested to behave as if they were a totally programmable source of production. This prompts for state-of-the-art management of the O&M activities to meet transmission network requirements, to improve efficiency at existing plants and to utilize predictive tools for a better scheduling of the maintenance activities.\


Enel Green Power is fully positioned to grasp the change in the way renewables are developed and managed, driving costs reductions at capex and opex levels, as well as gaining additional revenues from operating performance improvements. Furthermore, EGP's  key strengths are its unique and distinctive renewable energy mix and its geographic diversification that enhance growth prospects and limit risks related to the variability of weather conditions and the regulatory framework of the countries where it operates.

Enel Green Power's strategy is based on the following key pillars:

  • Scale and diversified industrial expertise
    Its diversified asset base and its leading position in a number of countries where Enel Green Power operates allow to enhance activities such as O&M and procurement. Thanks to its long-standing expertise and technological know-how, best practice can be shared regarding all locations and technologies.
  • Growth
    The achievement of the targets set in the business plan is ensured by an extensive pipeline, highly flexible as regards the possibility of  choosing projects and immediately respond to any change in the scenarios. The broad geographic presence and the expertise in the relevant technologies allows to seize growth opportunities i) in the most appealing markets and ii) exploiting the most appropriate technologies in that location, in order to  harness the highest potential.
  • Innovation
    The Research & Development programme focuses on implementing at an industrial level innovations regarding all the technologies used by the company. Enel Green Power is interested in identifying new efficient ways of generating renewable energy by developing innovative technologies, also benefiting from  the fact that it is part of the Enel group, thus having access to unequalled know-how.
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