Wind: the 155 wind turbines at Smoky Hills

Inaugurated on 2 October 2008, the Smoky Hills wind farm is the largest in Kansas, as well as the largest operated by Enel Green Power anywhere in the world.
Constructed in two phases by Enel and developed by TradeWind Energy LLC in just over a year and a half, the plant has a total capacity of 250 MW from its 155 large wind turbines: 56 1.8-MW turbines and 99 1.5-MW turbines, all 80 meters tall and with rotor blades with a diameter of approximately 80 meters.

Smoky Hills can generate enough energy to meet the consumption needs of 85,000 U.S. households, while avoiding some 750,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions and the consumption of more than 175,000 metric tons of oil equivalent each year.

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