Enel Green Power produces energy from all renewable sources with a broad portfolio of wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, solar and biomass projects.

Due to energy source diversification, the technological mix supplied by Enel is well-balanced and capable of seizing the opportunities for growth in the most appealing markets, exploiting the technologies that best suit the different geographical areas, in order to enhance the local potential. 

Enel Green Power participates in the technological evolution of the energy sector  through its Research & Development programme, focused on the industrial production of innovations concerning all the renewable sources in which the company operates, also benefiting from the experience and know-how of the entire Enel Group.

Due to its specific focus on innovative technological solutions, EGP developed the world's first hybrid solar-geothermal power plant, Stillwater Solar, which will add 80,000 polycrystalline PV panels to the existing geothermal facility that, together with its twin plant in Salt Wells, has an installed capacity of 65 MW.

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