Innovative Initiatives

“Today, digitisation has dramatically extended our business scope and our ability to constantly “renew the renewables". ”

– Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel Green Power

Explore New Worlds

We are always searching for new solutions and technologies to improve our daily operations in all the countries we work in and in the markets that will open up in the future.

We believe in disruptive innovation because we know that the course we’ve undertaken to build a new energy paradigm and a more sustainable world is just getting started.

We are open to anyone who shares our vision and believes that the most revolutionary ideas are those yet to come.

“Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So, let’s all go exploring!”

– Edith Widder, Oceanographer and Marine Biologist

Join us in the Race to the Future

Do you have innovative and concrete solutions to propose? Do you want to test your ability to create solutions for a sustainable future? You’re in the right place.

Enel Green Power provides a tool for working with companies, start-ups, researchers and makers.

Join the Race is a global and digital laboratory made for collecting and developing, together with EGP, the most innovative ideas along one of our 3 lines of innovation:

·       improving the performance of our existing plants;

·       integration of renewables in urban environments;

·       use of new renewables resources.

Innovative ideas, proposals and projects will be evaluated by our team of experts.

The Department of Innovation at Enel Green Power will then contact the sponsor of the idea in order to explore it further and look into possible collaboration, if of interest.

Are you ready to take part in the contest? Send us your idea! We can build the future together.