Boott Hydroelectric Project

General Information

Hydroelectric Project: Lowell, Massachusetts
Capacity: 20.7 MW
Equipment Type
: Horizontal Kaplan and Francis Units
Head: 37 feet (primary plant)
Average Flow
: 3300 cfs (primary plant)

The Boott Project, on the Merrimack River, was acquired in 1986 and is operated and maintained in connection with our 17-MW Lawrence Project in Lawrence, Massachusetts, also on the Merrimack. The project consists of a primary 17.3-MW plant built in the 1980's and four smaller plants dating back to the turn of the century that were once part of a textile mill operation. The plants are located at a national historic site in downtown Lowell.

After acquiring the project, our operations and maintenance group was responsible for increasing revenue by nearly 20 percent through such measures as reconfiguring the tailrace and plant automation. Plant facilities also include both a fish ladder and a fish elevator, as well as a visitors and education center. Plant operation has required close cooperation with federal and state resource agencies and historic preservation interests

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