Pelzer (Lower/Upper) Hydroelectric Project

Technology: Hydroelectric

City, State: Belton, South Carolina

Hydro Plant Type: Run-of-River

Capacity: 4.3 MW

# Turbines: 8

Equipment Type: Francis Units

The 106-year-old Pelzer Hydroelectric Project is a 4.3 MW generating plant located on the Saluda River in South Carolina. The construction of the dam and powerhouse was completed in 1895 and is said to be the first facility to use overhead wires to transmit electricity long distance; providing power to the Pelzer Manufacturing Co. located a few miles upstream.

The project was inducted into the Hydro Hall of Fame for its 100 years of continuous operation. A FERC license was issued to the project in 1987 and expires December 1, 2017. Aquenergy Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Enel Green Power North America, Inc., purchased the facility from Gerber Mills in 1989 and after extensive renovations began selling power to Duke Power Company in 1990.

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