Enel Green Power in Portugal

Enel Green Power operates in Portugal through its wholly-owned subsidiary Finerge. With an installed capacity of 190.69 MW distributed amongst 28 facilities, the company has a strong presence in the wind sector with 126 MW installed at 13 different wind farms.

These are mostly located in the north of the country, the most important being Lagoa D. João Wind Farm (34 MW) and Serra do sicó Wind Farm (20 MW).

The remaining 65 MW correspond to co-generation units. The main installations of this type are Central Termoeléctrica do Estuário (8 MW) and Tagol (7 MW).

Apart from these projects that make up Enel Green Power's own portfolio in Portugal, the company also has significant minority stakes in other projects, such as Empreendimentos Eólicos do Vale do Minho and ENEOP - Eólicas de Portugal. The first one corresponds to a set of wind farms that are already being operated (292 MW), in which Finerge holds a 33% stake. The second one is the result of the union of 5 companies in the wind sector, including Finerge and TP, which jointly participate in the largest public tender launched by the Portuguese State. The winning bidder, ENEOP - Eólicas de Portugal, was awarded a license for 1,200 MW, in which Enel Green Power has a stake of 40%. Of this power, 652 MW were already in operation by May of 2011.

Around the world, Enel Green Power carries on its business in a responsible and sustainable manner, protecting and respecting the natural environment and its biodiversity. To that end, it collaborates in various projects with associations, public institutions and other organisations concerned with the conservation of the environment.

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