Building the common good together. Our model of shared value creation

Clean energy is not enough - it’s just the first step towards building a more sustainable world.

The plants and technologies that allow us to produce pollution-free electricity and to protect the environment are fundamental, but they are just the first part of a much larger picture for us.

We are working to sustain integral growth in the resident communities where we are present. We believe in dialogue and sharing, to build the common good together. 

“168 projects, 205 thousand individual beneficiaries and 4,138 thousand euros of investment. These are the numbers of our work alongside local communities in 16 countries on four continents.”

Lasting development comes from sharing

We’ve adopted the United Nation’s Sustainable development goals as our own, engaging directly with the people and local communities we meet daily around the world.

We work in order to ensure access to affordable, sustainable and modern energy, to adopt urgent actions to combat climate change and its effects, to guarantee high-quality, inclusive and fair education. We aim to promote employment and inclusive, sustainable and lasting economic growth.

Our way of operation is based on the model of Creating shared value, which is leading the world’s largest companies to radically transform the way they act.

“Creating shared value means seeking business opportunities in addressing social challenges, pursuing financial success in a way that also yields societal benefits.”

– Mark Kramer, Professor at Harvard Business School

Our plants and our innovations are bringing clean energy to the world. The daily work of those working at Enel Green Power is giving the possibility of study to thousands of children, allowing young mothers to take care of themselves and their families, and enabling young people and adults to have a decent job, develop businesses and build a future.