Greece: at the School of Clean Energy with Enel Green Power

Published on Wednesday, 10 May 2017

For the second year in a row, the Panaghia Soumela wind farm, in northern Greece, hosted a group students and teachers from the American Farm School of Thessaloniki, accompanied by technicians and operators from EGP, to find out about the technology that turns wind into clean energy

On 26 April a group of 24 students from the American Farm School of Thessaloniki, accompanied by two teachers from the institute, visited the Panaghia Soumela wind farm, Enel Green Power Greece’s plant with 14 MW of installed capacity.

The visit to the wind farm located in Central Macedonia, a region in northern Greece, was organised by the Communications Department of EGP Greece, which arranged the visit guaranteeing the safety of the group of students and teachers and providing them with specific informational material for the visit to the plant.

“The initiative, took place under the course “Environment and agriculture” promoted by the school, solidified the collaboration between EGP and the institute, which had already sent a group of students to visit our wind farm last year.”

Enel Green Power technicians and operators guided the group from the American Farm School of Thessaloniki, explaining the functions of the plant and even accompanying the students inside the wind turbines to see the technology up close.

The initiative is part of Enel Green Power Greece’s programme dedicated to corporate social responsibility is guided by the principles of sustainable development that we apply in the geographic areas where we operate, through the involvement and dialogue with the local communities that live near our plants.

“Enel Green Power is present in Greece with various plants in the main technologies for the use of renewable sources, with a total installed capacity of 245.4 MW.”

As concerns wind energy, in addition to Panaghia Soumela, we manage plants for a total installed capacity of 199 MW, mostly located in Thrace, but also in Macedonia, Peloponnese, the islands of Euboea, Crete and the Dodecanese.

We also operate in the country with mini-hydro plants in central and western Greece, and in Thessaly, for a total installed capacity of MW. In the photovoltaic sector, EGP Greece exceeds 28 MW of installed capacity.