Nova Olinda Record: More than 15,000 Panels Installed in One Day!

Published on Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Enel Green Power solar farm is located in Ribeira do Piauí, a small town in the northeast of Brazil. Once operational, it will have a total installed capacity of 292 MW. Here are comments from Camilo Rebollo, Head of Area Plant Construction Brazil & Uruguay

A few kilometres from Ribeira do Piauí, a small town in the northeast of Brazil, there is our Nova Olinda solar farm. Construction started eight months ago on an area of 690 hectares, where the plant should enter into operation in the second half of 2017 and generate enough energy to meet the needs of about 300,000 Brazilian families.

Awaiting the official closing of the worksite, the Enel Green Power Construction team set a new record, which goes hand in hand with the many records already set in our decades-long experience throughout the world: “On 17 April, we installed 15,584 panels in a single day, equal to 4.9 MW”, said a satisfied Camilo Rebollo, Head of Area Plant Construction Brazil & Uruguay, who is still located in the State of Piauì, following the works on the plant. “This is an important achievement for the E&C team and for the whole Group, so special thanks goes to all the people involved in the project, who are working with great dedication”.

Nova Olinda has entered into the history of EGP, but it doesn’t end there: in just one day, the team was also able to install 191 solar trackers, mechanical devices that allow the panels to be oriented favourably according to the sun’s rays. “All of the operations were carried out in full safety and without any accidents”, Camilo continued. “This was possible thanks to great teamwork and to the constant dissemination of safety culture among all our colleagues”.

It’s not the first time that we’ve accomplished targets of the kind in Brazil. The previous record was held by the Ituverava solar plant, located in the State of Bahia, in the northeast of Brazil, where just five months ago we installed 11,676 solar panels with 315Wp each in just one day. “The pace of installation is very important, especially in worksites of these sizes. As the years go by, EGP’s business has turned to increasingly large solar farms that require increasingly short construction times. Records like these confirm that we are able to overcome our limits and continually improve ourselves”.