Stromboli: Art Energy in the Shadow of the Volcano

Published on Friday, 23 June 2017

“Enel Green Power supports the latest edition of Teatro Eco Logico, a festival scheduled for 24 June – 2 July.”

The event, directed by Alessandro Fabrizi and Hossein Taheri, aims to emphasise the value of immediate contact between spectator and performer, without the filter of lighting effects and amplification that are not natural. From the port to the main square, from the beaches to the paths up the volcano, all of the performances will focus on the features of the island, in a dialogue of mutual enrichment between Art and Nature, with spectators and performers bathed in the same light, from the "sun and other stars".

The energy of performance

The festival’s choice of Eco Logico is not simply a provocation, but an invitation to reflect on the real utility of electrical energy in certain contexts. While the organisation clearly needs electricity, from the use of computers and printers to lights when the sun is down, during the event there will be no microphones, artificial stages or lighting systems. The natural elements themselves will “creatively” participate in the production of the performances, nourishing them energetically.

“For the event, EGP, in collaboration with Enel Energy, will provide the electric bicycles to allow for movement without the use of fuel and avoiding any kind of atmospheric pollution.”

EGP has always worked hard to bring energy to the most remote places in the country and the planet, including small islands. This is why we are moving forward with an innovative project to integrate renewable energy and storage systems, with the goal of making these unique places 100% sustainable.

A Tribute to Henry David Thoreau

In five years, the Teatro Eco Logico has become a much anticipated event for culture and theatre. The event is one of a kind and was awarded the Medal of the President of the Republic in 2014. The 2017 edition is entitled “The Body Electric”, taken from the famous verse by Walt Whitman, and will be dedicated to Henry David Thoreau, to mark the bicentenary of his birth. An icon of environmental and pacifist thought before its time, Thoreau is recognised as the inspiration for early movements of non-violent protest and resistance later represented by Martin Luther King and Gandhi.

“The island of Stromboli will be brought to life with about twenty live performances by international artists from musical theatre and dance and with other literary, philosophical, anthropological and gastronomic events.”

There are many guests this year, from Isabella Ferrari to Maya Sansa, Riccardo Biseo to Nadia Fusini and Fernando Masullo, Franco Marcoaldi and many other stars from the world of art and entertainment. With them, there will also be plant experts, volcanologists and photographers. Laura Canali’s geopoetic works will be part of a Festival that includes a workshop for children on renewable energy, an open lesson with Girokinesis in the square and student actors from the Teatroazione School in Rome.

Discovering Energy

Enel Green Power, in collaboration with Plinki Planet and Liter Of Light, will give two workshops on energy. From 29 June to 1 July, an eco-sustainability event is scheduled to encourage kids from 3 to 6 years old to think about environmental issues. They’ll be taught how to recycle “well” and how to recognise different kinds of materials, and above all how to care about and look after the environment. The interactive workshop revolves around the adventures of Plinki, the main character of the book “Plinki, the Mystery of Golden Fish”, who tries to clean up the sea.

“Through workshops with Plinki Planet and Liter of Light, we’re promoting the sustainable use of energy on Stromboli.”

On 1 and 2 July, we enter the world of Liter of Light, the NGO founded in 2011 with the goal of bringing eco-sustainable lighting to energy-disadvantaged populations. Visitors will learn about their activities through the game “Memory of Light”, designed for players both young and old, which includes a perfectly functional replica, at a 10:1 scale, of an electronic circuit from the “solar lanterns 2.0” that Liter of Light installs throughout the world.