Geothermal Energy: World Players Meet in Florence

Published on Monday, 11 September 2017

“«Working together to promote geothermal towards a future of sustainable energy» is the title of the conference, with participants from the public and private sectors, together in the Tuscan capital to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with the development of geothermal energy.”

The meeting will focus on identifying necessary mechanisms for risk reduction in geothermal investments, the creation of suitable regulatory frameworks and paths to strengthen institutional and human ability within the sector.

Launched in 2015 at the Paris Climate Change Conference, the Global Geothermal Alliance (GGA) is an inclusive, multi-stakeholder platform committed to increasing the spread of geothermal energy around the world. It is made up of 42 countries and 29 institutions, including multi-lateral organisations, development partners, international and regional organisations, international financial institutions and the private sector.

“In line with the commitment made at Cop21 in Paris, the government is determined to promote renewable energy and to invest in innovative technologies for zero emissions and reduced environmental impact, also in the geothermal energy sector.”

– Gian Luca Galletti, Italian Minister of the Environment

Enel Green Power is participating in the 11 September conference with Carlo Pignoloni, Head of Europe and North Africa Area, who will take part as a speaker on one of the panels planned for the day.

On Tuesday, 12 September, the focus on geothermal energy will move to Larderello (Pisa) for a visit to Enel Green Power’s plants. In the small district of the town of Pomarance, there is the oldest geothermal complex in the world. 

“The tour, which will include participation from ministers and local institutions, will pass through EGP’s Museum of Geothermal Energy, demonstration well and geothermal plants.”

The day will be opened by Carlo Pignoloni and Francesco Lazzeri, Head of Plant Operation of geothermal plants for EGP in Tuscany.