Innovation at full sail

Published on Tuesday, 19 June 2018

“The port of Genoa saw a triumphant Andrea Fantini crossing the finishing buoy a winner in last year’s X2 class regatta. The 2018 edition will not feature this racing class.”

Setting the course towards the Ocean

Acting as a technological partner, Enel Green Power is Andrea Fantini’s wingman in his sporting run-up to the toughest and most grueling oceanic solo race on calendar.  

“In 2017, Andrea was at the helm of his Enel Green Power Class 40 vessel in the historic Transat Jacques Vabre regatta. Unfortunately, his race was cut short a few days after the start due to an unforeseen setback.”

This spring, Andrea and his vessel - once captained by the famed Italian sailor Giovanni Soldini - seized the chance to jump back in the limelight with impressive results in two major Mediterranean regattas. In the Garmin Marine Roma per 1, Andrea clinched victory in the solo category while in the  “151 Miglia” race he clocked an impressive time. 

“In the coming weeks, Andrea Fantini will set sail towards Lisbon to accrue 1000 miles needed to qualify for November’s Route du Rhum, the legendary sailing race that follows the historic rhum trading route between Saint Malo and Guadeloupe.”

Seaborne sustainability

In a sport like sailing, sustainability and technology come together to form a single element, creating an unprecedented energy capable of cutting through the ocean’s waves. 

This is the very same energy that powers the Enel Green Power Class 40. It’s more than a mere 100% ecopowered 12-meter vessel, but a floating testbed for the development of new and innovative sustainability-minded solutions. 

“Enel Green Power Class 40 is equipped with a minigrid harvesting energy generated by solar panels, a portable wind turbine and a hydro-generator, with the backing of an energy storage system. The complete suite is managed, in a remote state as well, by an energy management and monitoring system.”

Late 2018 will witness a gradual technological upgrade of the Class 40 vessel, transforming it in a totally electric craft, expressing the perfect union between sustainability and performance. All in all, a technological marvel capable of venturing the world’s seas and oceans.