Open Plants

We open our plants to tell you how we create renewable energy and to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability in the communities where we operate

Centrali Aperte” (Open Plants) is a public awareness tour that opens the doors of our power plants, showcasing how renewable energy comes about, together with our commitment towards the overall sustainability of the territory where we operate.

For one day only, our power plants will be transformed in the main “piazza” of the local town, becoming the place to be and the ideal milieu for people to express and share energy in their own personal way.

Renewable power plants from Enel Green Power replicate the same ambiance of a bustling Italian piazza, hosting the best of local artisans, farmers, and winemakers, together with a host of family and school-oriented activities like concerts, workshops, and exhibitions that feel sustainable through and through.

Our “Centrali Aperte” program strives to bridge the gap between people and the world of power generation, with the ultimate goal of building meaningful connections with the local territory to create shared value.

All “Centrali Aperte” events are free of charge and open to all.

The event requires no reservations.