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Additional Services, our comprehensive lineup

Additional Services, our comprehensive lineup

We offer additional services to strengthen your sustainability strategy, for your organization, for your stakeholders, and for the environment.

Energy Attribute Certificates

We provide our partners with renewable energy certificates that guarantee the green origin of the energy generated, thereby helping to reduce Scope 2 emissions.

Not only can companies grow with sustainable energy, they can also take advantage of incredible leadership opportunities. Your business too can be part of this transition towards a low-emissions economy. Are you ready to embark on this journey? Download our guide to find the solutions that are best for your business and for the future of the planet.

Sustainability is our business
Promoting your sustainability journey

Your sustainable business, in the spotlight

Communicating your sustainability efforts is key to engaging with investors, consumers and employees. We partner with renewable energy customers on content creation, photography and videography, communication campaigns, media activities, advertising, events and more. 

Creating Shared Value programs

Empowering communities through sustainability

Setting up social and economic development programs in the communities that host our renewable energy plants demonstrates how sustainable business is a win-win situation for planet earth and its inhabitants. 

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