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Energy and the mining industry

Energy and the mining industry

How do we guarantee the world has access to the indispensable materials it needs but also reduce the environmental impact of extracting them? This is a crucial question for the mining industry, and the answer is the use of green energy: EGP is ready to contribute with renewables and green hydrogen.

The key points in EGP’s support for the mining industry






Energy transition and Decarbonization






Reducing the environmental footprint

Decarbonization is a major challenge for the mining industry and this free guide outlines the various solutions that can enable your company to play its part.

Sustainability Certification Chain


Once again, this year EGP is among the protagonists at the meetings organized by the Canadian company Energy and Mines, an international reference point for contacts between the mining industry and the energy sector.

We play an active role in these events, sharing our knowledge and performing detailed analyses of the technological and geographical scenarios related to clean energies in the mining sector: this is a way to showcase our expertise, affirm our leadership in the renewables sector and put ourselves forward as a reliable partner for mining companies.

About this event

Werther Esposito, Enel Green Power’s Managing Director in Australia, sat down with the Energy and Mines team to discuss how to bring together the mining and renewable energy sectors in order to drive solutions for affordable, reliable and sustainable power for mines. Werther explained how we can support the mining industry in terms of the current challenges and opportunities for decarbonizing their operations. With the decarbonization of mining operations a clear next step in many business models, our solutions can be tailored to effectively meet energy requirements, coupled with sustainability and decarbonization targets, for mining customers. We offer energy produced from renewable sources (onsite and offsite technology), energy flexibility services, plus electrification for site operations and green hydrogen. The aim is to enable each mining operation to enhance their profitability and sustainability.

Read the full interview with Werther here.

September 8th-9th 2021

Hydrogen and Mines

Lorenzo Ducci, Enel Green Power’s Hydrogen Senior Commercial Officer, argued that partnerships between the renewable energy and the mining sectors are the way forward when it comes to developing green hydrogen. He says: “We don’t want to consider the miners as simple buyers of hydrogen, because they need to invest in this technology as well. We want to work together, create this partnership within which to build solutions and develop applications.”

Read the new Energy and Mines Magazine issue which contains an interview with Lorenzo Ducci and watch the video of the events here.

Read the story about hydrogen's role in decarbonising mining
June 15-17 2021

Energy and Mines Australia Summit

Experts at the conference agreed that the key issue around green hydrogen commercialization is cost. Lorenzo Ducci, Hydrogen Senior Commercial Officer at EGP explained that: "What’s really needed is a reduction in CAPEX costs, which account for 60% of hydrogen costs. To target a price of 2$/Kg for the green hydrogen we would need a decrease in CAPEX of a 6x factor at least. The good news is that if you confronted the evolution of unit costs of other now mainstream technologies like solar and storage technologies, you realize that this cost reduction is definitely not out of reach. Indeed in the last decade both Solar and Batteries had a decrease of ten times."

Watch the video of the speech here, and read the Australia Summit Report.

Find out more about the event!
4-6 May 2021

Energy and Mines Africa Summit

The African continent, extremely rich in both mineral resources and conditions favorable to the development of renewable energies, was the focus. Taking part in the conference was Nontokozo Nkosi, Head of the Commercial Office of Enel Green Power South Africa, who said, “At the Enel Group, we firmly believe that electrification is the simplest and most economical solution for decarbonization. We have also started allocating resources in South Africa to examine the business of green hydrogen specifically for South African mines as a tool to decarbonize some mining activities.

Read the speech given at the event by Nontokozo Nkosi, Head of the Commercial Office at EGP South Africa.

Find out more about the event!

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