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Enel Green Power and Criotec put a freeze on carbon emissions

Enel Green Power and Criotec put a freeze on carbon emissions

Kudos to Criotec - a Mexican refrigeration company - for being the world’s first company sporting Enel Green Power’s very own quality certificate: the “Green Label”. It’s a nifty way for businesses to testify their commitment to sustainability and reliance on EGP’s green energy.


A fresh take on sustainable business

Around the world, more and more business and retail clients are factoring sustainability in their purchase choices, and businesses are responding by implementing carbon-neutral manufacturing and energy procurement strategies. So, the easiest way to make this choice known to both stakeholders and customers is by using a label and since this is powered by Enel Green Power, we called it the “Green Label” and the remaining part of the text is quite self-explanatory: 100% Green Energy.

As soon as the Green Label program was rolled out, EGP secured an agreement with its first client. Criotec is a Mexican firm, located in the northern industrial city of Monterrey, specializing in engineering and manufacturing world-class cooling solutions. As the company pushed through an aggressive sustainability program, it was looking for a world-class partner to supply its operations with renewable energy. Under a 10-year long Power Purchase Agreement signed in 2017, Enel Green Power would supply Criotec with a yearly supply worth 5,3 GWh from the 200 MW Dominica wind farm in the state of San Luis Potosi.

Trees planted 792k

Trees planted 792k Trees that could compensate those emissions

Energy 40k

Energy 40k Mexicans consuming energy

Emissions 30k

Emissions 30k Tons of CO2 emissions offset

Sustainability Highlights

Changing the business scenario for good, one label at a time

Since its launch, the Green Label program has grown rapidly in response to growing customer demand for products and services that are sustainable in every way, as certified by a 2018 market report by Accenture after having surveyed nearly 30,000 consumers from around the world.

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