PPA. The doorway to renewable business

Whether it’s on-site, sleeved or virtual, let’s agree to a long, productive and above all, sustainable partnership

Renewables at your doorstep

When the need for renewable energy procurement arises, an option to consider is to build an on-site renewable facility on your property: this is known as an On-Site PPAs. Enel Green Power provides the know-how, the manpower, and operational excellence to find the ideal on-site solution to meet your renewable energy needs.

Our team will deliver an in-depth analysis of your energy scenario, considering consumption levels, suitable area, local market characteristics and the most effective energy source, such as solar, wind or hydroelectric.

We’ll then build a custom-made renewable power system on your property and take care of the installation, maintenance, and operations at no extra cost.

With a Power Production Agreement, we’ll determine together the supply price and contract period, with the possibility of inserting buyback clauses and renewal agreements. Based on your business strategy, we’ll tailor not just a contract, but a veritable business model that will allow you to benefit from a zero-emissions energy source while maximizing its value over time.

Enel Green Power PPAs are custom-made to match each client’s needs, designed to actively respond to the ever-changing scenario that a company - including yours - has to operate in over the course of a decade or more. We design and structure every single PPA to attain sustainable growth.

For Enel Green Power, a PPA is much more than a contract, it’s a partnership. Contact us to learn how we can help your business to reduce its carbon footprint.