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Azov Wind Project

Azov Wind Project

This is Enel Green Power’s first renewable plant in the Russian region of Rostov. It’s an ambitious project that’s designed to diversify the country’s energy mix.

About the plant

Azov Wind Power Plant

EGP's first renewable power plant in Russia






90 MW


~320 GWh

CO2 Emissions avoid

Around 260,000 tonnes annually



The Azov Wind Power Plant is a contribution to the sustainable development of the Russian economy. The approach of creating shared value applied during the construction and maintenance phases integrates social and environmental factors into business processes, helping to increase the sustainability of the areas in which we are present.

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Work progress status

Construction of the Azov wind park followed our “Sustainable Construction Site” model, a collection of best practices aimed at minimizing the impact of the construction process on communities, the environment, waste, and water.

Workers 350

Workers 350 Every day, our team of engineers, technicians, workers and subcontractors involved in the Azov project worked in compliance with Enel Green Power safety guidelines.

Community 25%

Community 25% Total number of workers from local communities

Number of hours worked 604.8

Number of hours worked 604.8 Thousand working hours during the construction period

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