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Wayra Wind Project

Wayra Wind Project

Wayra I is a perfect example of EGP’s “sustainable construction site” model. Its wooden pallets were recycled and reused, while Nanotechnology helped purify the water naturally, thereby preserving a scarce and vital resource in an arid area.

About the plant

Wayra I: the energy of the wind

The Wayra I Wind Project, which is located in the district of Marcona (in the province of Nazca, in the Ica region), is approximately 480 km from the city of Lima, near the ‘Panamericana Sur’ Highway.

The construction work lasted 14 months, and we are proud to have given life to a project that will boost the country’s energy transition.

A fine example of a sustainable construction site model






132.3 MW

Energy Production

600 GWh (Annual average), which is equal to the consumption of more of 483,000 households

CO2 Emissions avoided

More of 285,000 tons per year



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Work progress status

Status of construction phase

Enel Green Power Peru (EGPP) carried out various initiatives to support local businesses and communities, including environmental monitoring by associations and institutions. Enel's "Sustainable Construction Site" model was applied. This includes the measurement of the socio-environmental impact of the project and the actions to incorporate the rational use of resources: for example, a recycling project for the wooden pallets used in construction to make ecological furniture. The Wayra I construction site also used an innovative CO2-free nanotechnology plant for wastewater treatment. This was powered by a small wind turbine with a battery-powered storage system. The technology enabled EGPP to reuse approximately 350 cubic meters of water during the construction of the wind farm.


During construction, and as part of Enel’s Shared Value Creation business model, a process was managed to prioritize local labor and services. In total, 867 workers were employed during the construction of the wind farm.

Construction 100%

Construction 100% Status of construction phase

Workers 867

Workers 867 87% of the total amount of workers were peruvian

Investment +165

Investment +165 Millions of dollars were invested in the Wayra I wind proyect

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