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Huampaní hydroelectric plant, Peru

Huampaní Hydroelectric Plant, Peru

In operation

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The plant

Huampaní Hydroelectric Plant

The hydroelectric plant, which has been in operation since 1960, boasts a capacity of 30.9 MW produced by two generators equipped with Francis turbines. These are complemented by a further 0.7MW produced thanks to an innovative solution that entered into operation in 2017 known as HER, Hydro Energy Recovery.

This system uses two microturbines to harness the power of the water as it leaves the two main generators, funneling it into a special channel. Huampaní is also equipped with a remote control system that was developed in 2021 and which makes it possible to manage and supervise all operations automatically and remotely. The plant can in fact be operated from a single on-site control station and also from the nearby Moyopampa plant 20 km upstream, thanks to a special radio connection.






In operation


Operational capacity

30.7  MW


Energy production

 235 GWh/year


CO2 emissions avoided

Approximately 38,600 tonnes


Auxiliary services

140 MWh / year



Impact on local communities

The Huampaní power plant is also at the heart of a series of sustainability activities. Work on the channels that direct the water to the power plant has made it possible to create green areas in the locality, involving the donation and planting of nearly 5,700 trees. Enel belongs to the local disaster risk prevention committee and takes part in prevention activities and rescue simulations. In the last decade, as a result of climate change, this area has been increasingly subject to torrential rains and flooding.

Another program known as Reciclatec has also been implemented. This involves the recovery of computers and other IT devices that the company no longer uses. These are then donated to educational institutions in the local communities. A project has also been launched at the power plant to create a composting station where all the organic waste produced in the catchment area’s five hydroelectric plants will be collected, adding up to an annual total of 15 tonnes of waste. Finally, every year, educational campaigns distribute kits for children at local schools , while at Christmas time food baskets are donated to households in need.




14th Floor Tower B, Vatika Towers

DLF Golf Course Road Suncity, Sector 54

122003 - Gurgaon

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