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Eliano Russo

Head of the 3Sun Gigafactory

Eliano Russo is Head of Enel Green Power’s 3Sun Gigafactory in Catania. 3Sun’s mission is to produce new generation PV panels and modules for Europe and the world, combining research, innovation and sustainability, thereby supporting Enel and other companies in guaranteeing a clean energy transition.

Eliano was born in Rome in 1974 and graduated from the city’s La Sapienza University with a degree in Statistics and Economics. He developed a passion for energy while studying for his Master’s in the Management and Economics of Energy & Environment at ENI University (Scuola Mattei). Since then, he has acquired more than 20 years’ experience in the utilities sector with a strong focus on renewables, business development and strategy.

His professional career began as a consultant for the World Bank and for Ernst & Young, and he was also a member of the Italian delegation that negotiated the Kyoto Protocol, focusing mainly on flexible mechanisms.

Eliano joined the Enel Group in 2004 as Head of Carbon Strategy, a position that he held until 2009. He subsequently worked at an international level in distributed generation, energy efficiency and strategies for the reduction of CO2. This was mainly for E.ON and its subsidiaries.

Prior to taking up his current position, he was Head of e-Industries at Enel X, from the startup phase onwards. He began in this role in June 2017, and went on to manage B2B solutions on a global scale.

Eliano is a keen athlete, doing everything from yoga to cycling, CrossFit and kite surf. He likes traveling and enjoying the sunset in every country in the world. He is also a lover of good food.