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Eugenio Calderón López

Head of Colombia & Peru

Eugenio Calderón López is Head of Colombia & Peru for Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation, Enel's business line for energy generation from conventional and renewable sources.

His achievements in the fields of operation and maintenance, safety, financing, tax planning, project management, financial management and management control have enabled him not only to hold a strategic position within the organization, but also to develop a knack for excellence, thanks to his integrated vision of the business and his ability to work under pressure.

His transformational and resilient leadership style is based on building relationships of trust with an open mind to learning. Through his communication and empathy skills, he can motivate his team to take responsibility, with flexibility, commitment and a higher purpose. 

Eugenio holds a degree in Public Accounting from the University of Costa Rica. He is an executive with more than 15 years of international experience in the field of finance and management control. He joined the Group in 2005 as Head of Planning and Control for Latin America. In 2009, in Rome, he was involved in the most important Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Europe that year, for a total value of 2.3 billion euros. In 2011, he was appointed Head of Planning and Control for Iberia and Latin America from Spain. Later, in 2016, he became Financial Manager for Chile & the Andean Countries, contributing to the development of more than 1,000 MW of renewable energy in Chile, and was in charge of the corresponding financing and control of investments. Later he was Renewable Energy Manager in Peru, a position he held for more than three years. During that time he led Enel's renewable operations in the country (1,100MW), applying the best practices to operation and maintenance and promoting regulatory changes in Peru for the incorporation of renewable energies in the energy matrix. In the last six months he has been Head of Operation & Maintenance of Thermal Generation in Chile, leading the energy transition with the closure of coal-powered plants and flexibility in the operation of gas-fired assets.