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Valter Moro

Head of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Valter Moro is the Head of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality for Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation, Enel’s business line for energy generation from conventional and renewable sources.

Also, managing global HSEQ relevant activities on the whole perimeter of generation fleet in operation and the construction of new power plants (more than 3 GW per year of new renewable installed capacity worldwide) including the decommissioning and environmental remediation of generation sites.

Today, after a 20 year-long experience in the Enel Group, Moro has gained a global experience in the energy sector, mainly in power generation from conventional and renewable sources and Energy Management in Italy, Spain, and Chile.

Over the last 5 years, Mr. Moro has gained a strong experience as General Manager of Enel Group generation companies in Chile. In November 2014 he was appointed CEO of Enel Generation Chile (the country’s largest privately-owned generation company with 6.3 GW of installed capacity) and then CEO of Enel Green Power Chile (1.2 GW of installed capacity),  the first one a listed company in Santiago’s Stock Exchange (BCS). Both roles were held until October 2019. During his stay in Chile, Mr. Moro also held the following roles:

- Chairman Board of Directors MERIC (Marine Energy Research and Innovation Center), a Joint Venture between ENEL Green Power Chile and French company Naval Energies

- Board Member Chilean Industrial Association (SOFOFA) since March 2017

- Chairman Board of Directors HUINAY (a foundation between Enel Generación Chile and Valparaiso Catholic University)

- Board Member Chilean Generation Companies Association (AGG)

Before joining Enel Group, Valter Moro served in the Italian Army Engineers Corps as Lieutenant, managing  Mechanical activities in the Terni Light Military Armament Factory.

Closing off on a lighter note, during his studies, a young Mr. Moro worked as a waiter in a restaurant and during this 2020 period of quarantine, he had the opportunity to experiment his cooking skills so that friends and relatives can enjoy his handmade tagliatelle, gnocchi, bread, pizza, so reminiscent of his Italian heritage!

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