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Products and services for a sustainable business


Reducing energy consumption, replacing fossil fuels with renewables, offsetting CO2 emissions. These initiatives are great for the environment and now, for your bottom line too.

Our business model

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Project development. Becoming an EGP partner means leveraging high-quality projects and strategic partnerships. We are present in all the 5 continents, where we are also increasing the installed renewable capacity from our current 56.1 GW to 60 GW by 2022.

Commercial structuring. As an EGP partner, you secure access to tailored solutions for all your sustainability needs. Over 5 GW of PPAs are already operating. 

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Financing. Our finance team and unique business strategies will determine the most suitable PPA price for your business. As a matter of fact, in 2018 we were awarded the PFI award as “Global sponsor of the year”.

Engineering and construction. From the blueprint through construction, we will get your energy supply up and running on schedule. In 2019 alone, more than 45 new renewable projects and around 3 GW of renewable capacity worldwide were successfully brought online.

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Operation & Maintenance. 100 TWh generated since we started operations is an impeccable track record that will ensure a reliable supply. Furthermore, we’ll provide a constant data flow attesting to the amount of supplied energy and emissions offset. 

Energy management. An integrated portfolio of energy generation, retail and trading mitigating corporate risks through predictive and big data management tools.

Contact Us

Ask our commercial team for a consultation either by filling out the form or writing to: commercialegp@enel.com


Your data will be processed according to the website privacy policy to answer your request. EGP is present in different Countries and, depending on the Country you specify in the contact form, your request can be redirected to the local commercial team, which will act in compliance with the applicable data protection laws. For California residents, please refer also to our Notice at Collection.

Who we are

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From green energy to sustainable energy

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