The internal control and risk management system

Descubra cómo a través de un cuidadoso proceso de control interno Enel Green Power puede garantizar la eficiencia y la transparencia.

About theme of internal control Enel Green Power S.p.A., is equipped with a special system which is entrusted with the mission (i) to ensure the adequacy of Group procedures in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and economy, and (ii) to ensure the reliability and accuracy of accounting records and safeguarding of company assets and (iii) ensure the operations comply with internal and external appointments and corporate directives and guidelines aimed at ensuring sound and efficient management.

The internal control system is divided into the Company in three distinct types of activities:

• The "line control" (or “First Livel”),consists of a set of control activities that the individual operating units of the Company are on their own processes. These control activities are the responsibility of the operational management and are considered an integral part of every business process;

•The controls of “second levels” are delegated to management control with regard to the monitoring of economic and financial of the Company;

•The internal auditing, aimed essentially at the identification and containment of corporate risk of any nature is pursued through the monitoring of line auditing, both in terms of the adequacy of the controls, both in terms of results actually achieved by their application.

The activity in question is therefore applied to all corporate processes of the Company.

In Enel Green Power S.p.A. the control is carried out by special units of the Audit Department, which communicates the results to the senior management and Board of Auditors.