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Management Team

Management Team

The members of Enel Green Power’s management team: the stories and skills of the people guiding our choices toward a more sustainable future.

Salvatore Bernabei

CEO of Enel Green Power
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Business Units

Carlo Federico Vladimir Zorzoli

Business Development
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Luca Noviello

Engineering and Construction
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Renato Mastroianni

Operation & Maintenance
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Enrique De Las Morenas Moneo

Competitor Intelligence, Market Studies and Strategic Analysis
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Stefano Lorenzi

Head of the 3SUN Gigafactory
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Staff and Services Functions

Margherita Mezzacapo

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Davide Procopio

People and Organization
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Marco Proietti

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Marina Lombardi

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Raffaele Cirullo

Digital Enabler
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Donata Susca

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality
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Giuseppe Conti

Legal & Corporate Affairs
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Cristiano Bussi

Planning and Control
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Regions and Countries

Rafael Gonzalez Sanchez

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Carlo Franco Emanuele Pignoloni

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Bruno Riga

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Stephen Pike

USA and Canada
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James Lee Stancampiano

Argentina & Chile
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José Navarro

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Antonio Crisol Puertas

Colombia and Central America
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Our company

We’re accompanying the planet along the path of the energy transition

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People are our prime source of energy

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