Enel Green Power integra las políticas éticas y de gobierno de las empresas extranjeras con las que coopera para garantizar la máxima seguridad a sus grupos de interés.

The “Enel Global Compilance Program”, aimed at foreign Group companies, integrates, if any, the compliance programs may be adopted by the companies in accordance with local regulations.

Inspired by the main international regulatory framework, it qualifies as general governance tool aimed at strengthening the ethical and professional commitment of the Group to prevent the commission of offenses abroad which may bring criminal responsibility and the associated reputational risks.

The type of case treated in ENEL Global Compliance Program - which is associated with the prediction of behavioral standards and areas to be monitored in a preventive function - is based on such pipelines generally considered illegal in most countries such as corruption offenses, crimes  against public administration, accounting fraud, money laundering, crimes  committed in violation of safety regulations in the workplace, environmental crimes, etc.