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Rent out your land for renewable energy projects

Rent out (or sell) your land for renewable energy projects

We’re looking for landowners with available land to create new wind and solar power projects in Italy

Who we’re looking for

Between now and 2030, Italy needs to install approximately 40 additional GW of electricity production from renewable sources, mainly wind and solar power. Renewables play a fundamental role in the fight against climate change and in the country’s energy transition plan: to accelerate progress on this front, we need you!

We’re looking for landowners so we can install:

  • photovoltaic plants
  • wind turbines

Enel Green Power will take care of the construction, running and dismantling of the plant at the end of its useful life.


Characteristics of the site

For large-scale photovoltaic plants

  • Agricultural land of at least 10 hectares.
  • In the case of land with a different designated use, the dimensions can be less than 10 hectares.

For large-scale wind farms

  • Unrestricted areas with good wind conditions.

Benefits of working with EGP

  • Increase the economic value of unused land, giving it a new life.
  • Help decarbonize the country through the generation of clean energy.
  • Our distinctive heritage is built on sustainability, professionalism and transparency in our commercial relationships, respect for commitments made and flexibility towards our project partners’ needs.

How does it work?


Step 1

Complete the form and tell us the exact position and dimensions of your site: we’ll examine its suitability for the construction of a renewable energy plant.


Step 2

You’ll be contacted by our team at Business Development Italy to begin the next phase of verifying the project’s feasibility.


Step 3

Join us in contributing to the sustainable development of the country and the protection of the environment.

Your opportunity to rent or sell your land and help the environment

For more information you can write to our business development team by filling out this form: 


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*required. For agricultural land spanning less than 10 hectares, visit the “Energy Communities” page on our website.

Your data will be processed according to the website privacy policy to answer your request.

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