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Our values

Our values

Trust, innovation, proactivity, flexibility and respect. They’re more than just words: they’re the values on which we base our compass for a sustainable future.


9,000 employees

All over the world, our people are working to make the energy transition possible.


5 continents

We have active plants in 20 countries and projects under development in another 5.


63.6 GW

Our people’s work translates into an increasing amount of installed renewable power around the world.


+1,300 plants

The emblematic places of our people’s work: this is where the renewable and sustainable energy that is our core business comes from.

Our culture, our values

As businesses embark on transformative journeys to achieve their goals, they must first establish foundational benchmarks that serve as guiding principles. Trust, Innovation, Proactivity, Flexibility, and Respect: our value ecosystem is what makes the Group’s signature corporate culture so unique. These five values represent the North Star that guides behaviors, decisions, and coordination for the company’s operations and the lives of Enel People

A stylized drawing of a plant with three leaves


We act with responsibility, integrity, legality and independence to create trusting relationships with our stakeholders and customers. We openly collaborate to build self-confidence, as well as trust in others and in the company to achieve common goals, together. We develop skills and reliable relations to ensure optimal management of complex situations. 

A stylized drawing of a light bulb


We work with a curious mindset to discover and implement new ways to exploit energy through uses, people, and technology, as we learn from each other and establish new benchmarks. Transforming ideas in values suitable for us and our stakeholders.



We act with an entrepreneurial spirit to take care of our company, building our future as one of the main players in the energy transition. We seize the initiative to deliver tangible and sustainable results, without wasting energy as we focus on our customer’s needs.



We embrace change as an opportunity and we anticipate it to be ready to face new challenges in rapidly evolving scenarios. We redefine priorities by acting with strength, simplicity and swiftness. We’re committed to constant improvement, learning from our mistakes.



We respect ourselves and others, specifically for each one’s unique traits. We responsibly follow regulations to protect and safeguard security, health, the environment and human rights. We recognize the value of differences, ideas, opinions and merit to guarantee quality in every aspect of our work.

Our mission: Enabling progress with sustainable energy

In our journey to 2030, we want to enable electrification with sustainable energy, taking care of and generating value for people and the environment.

Our soul: it’s the way we interact with people

During this journey we will develop strong relationships with many people: colleagues, customers, partners, investors, institutions, and local communities. The distinctive way in which we interact with all them is EGP’s soul, and it’s the result of applying our common behaviors (our Compass).

Our Compass: our guide on the journey to a sustainable future

Our Compass helps us move in the right direction during this journey. It’s a compass that’s based on Enel’s 5 values: Trust, Innovation, Proactivity, Flexibility and Respect, and it consists of 4 Mindsets and 12 Behaviors: 


Win together

  • Be passionate.
  • Create bonds of trust.
  • Share your thoughts. 

Empower and take ownership

  • Be committed.
  • Lead through kind leaders.
  • Care & grow. 

Keep it simple, fast and smart

  • Be prepared & flexible.
  • Communicate to engage.
  • Focus on the essential. 

Go beyond

  • Be bold.
  • Be persistent & resilient.
  • Be curious, humble & innovative.