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Our values

Our values

Trust, responsibility, innovation and proactivity. They’re more than just words: they’re the values on which we base our compass for a sustainable future.


9,000 employees

All over the world, our people are working to make the energy transition possible.


5 continents

We have active plants in 20 countries and projects under development in another 5.


60.9 GW

Our people’s work translates into an increasing amount of installed renewable power around the world.


+1,200 plants

The emblematic places of our people’s work: this is where the renewable and sustainable energy that is our core business comes from.

Our culture, our values

At Enel Green Power, we speak the common language of sustainability. Being part of our big family means bringing your skills and energy to the table to tackle the biggest challenge of our time: the energy transition.  It’s an ethical and professional commitment to accelerate the decarbonization and electrification of the energy system. Every day, we take another step on the road to the energy transition, making the planet ‘greener’ with our renewable and sustainable energy.



The transparency with which we operate is the primary reason for our successful relationships with all stakeholders, from customers to suppliers to the communities where our plants are located.



Working to offer solutions to the challenge of climate change means taking on specific responsibilities: for us, it’s also an ethical and a moral commitment.



We encourage and support new ideas and proposals for improvement, from the smallest to the most revolutionary: our goal is to keep innovating, sustainably.



Every day, we embrace change: anticipating challenges, planning activities, and thinking outside the box.

Our mission: Enabling progress with sustainable energy

In our journey to 2030, we want to enable electrification with sustainable energy, taking care of and generating value for people and the environment.

Our soul: it’s the way we interact with people

During this journey we will develop strong relationships with many people: colleagues, customers, partners, investors, institutions, and local communities. The distinctive way in which we interact with all them is EGP’s soul, and it’s the result of applying our common behaviors (our Compass).

Our Compass: our guide on the journey to a sustainable future

The EGP Compass – which is based on Enel’s four values: Trust, Responsibility, Innovation and Proactivity – guides us in our interaction with people. It enables us to foster kind and distributed leadership, while cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone has fun and takes responsibility. 

Our Compass consists of 4 Mindsets and 12 Behaviors:


Win together

  • Be passionate.
  • Create bonds of trust.
  • Share your thoughts. 

Empower and take ownership

  • Be committed.
  • Lead through kind leaders.
  • Care & grow. 

Keep it simple, fast and smart

  • Be prepared & flexible.
  • Communicate to engage.
  • Focus on the essential. 

Go beyond

  • Be bold.
  • Be persistent & resilient.
  • Be curious, humble & innovative.