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Featured Stories


EGP supports the development of local micro-enterprises for the creation of shared value

In Guatemala, Enel Green Power is at the center of a project to help the development of local micro-enterprises in the "ten hills" area.


Africa: the Land of Renewables

The potential of renewable energy is a great opportunity for African countries that are, thanks in part to Enel Green Power, starting to pursue the path of sustainable development.

Our Plants


Peru: At Rubi, the Sun in Record Time

Enel Green Power’s photovoltaic plant was put into full service in just five days. An all-time record for plants launched so far by EGP around the world.



Budweiser and Kohler prove EGP’s PPAs are the best way to go green

In the United States, Enel Green Power’s model of Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to provide renewable energy to large companies is becoming more and more successful.



Villanueva, where solar energy meets the digital world

As the challenges lying ahead get harder, the role of a perfect integration between innovation and digitalization becomes ever so fundamental. Enel Green Power is proving this assumption in Mexico, where it’s building the largest solar power plant of the Americas

Creating Shared Value


Enel Green Power: where office space becomes sustainable

Mexico City is where we showcase the brand new offices of Enel Green Power: yet another testament of our commitment towards sustainability, environmental protection and the general wellbeing of our staff.