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Enel Green Power, driving the future of sustainable energy

Enel Green Power, driving the future of sustainable energy

We have renewable energy plants all over the world. We’re working to set new standards in energy sustainability, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and raising stakeholder awareness.

Global Presence

Sustainable energy for everyone

Enel Green Power was founded in December 2008 inside the Enel Group to develop and manage power generated from renewable resources worldwide. 

We manage more than 1,300 power plants on five continents. We’re present with assets in operation or under construction in 19* countries and manage development activities in a further 5 countries. We have over 63 GW of installed renewable capacity from a mix of renewable resources, including wind, solar, hydroelectric and geothermal. We’re playing a key role in the energy transition as one of the world’s leading renewable energy companies. Our goal is to accompany the planet into a new era of sustainable, decarbonized energy for all.

We’re also one of the founding members of RES4MED – Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean and Beyond – an association created in 2012 to promote renewable energy and the infrastructure needed to deliver electricity throughout the Mediterranean area.

Sustainable Development

Sustainability is at the heart of every project

The green energy generated by our plants is helping to accelerate the global energy transition. The fight against climate change and the road to decarbonization are inextricably linked to our core business: producing green energy in order to reduce CO2 emissions, provide disadvantaged areas with access to electricity, and help make the businesses of the companies who choose to partner with us more sustainable.

Our business development strategy is based on sustainability and on technological and geographic diversification. Our people are working every day to to create shared value, combining the pursuit of industrial objectives with a tangible contribution to the socio-economic development of the areas in which we operate by collaborating with local communities and institutions.


Renewables: an Open Door to the Future

Four elements, one energy

Water, sun, wind and heat from the earth. We believe that renewable energy is an essential tool for the future, both to spur the competitiveness of national production systems and to guarantee the security of the energy supply from energy sources.

Widespread electricity generation from renewable resources gives countries greater energy autonomy, while ensuring national sustainable development. 

Innovation and Digital Transformation

Innovative solutions fostering renewables

We are constantly doing research and developing innovative solutions to produce green energy more safely, efficiently and sustainably. Digital transformation projects - robotization, automation and big data - improve our leveraging and use of renewable resources, while also testing new business solutions.

The technical and operative excellence of our personnel worldwide enables the company to look to the future with eyes wide open. The new ambitious objectives we set to take on the world’s energy transition are built upon a foundation of solid achievements. 

Energy for companies

Products and services for sustainable partnerships

Developing tailor-made projects to give companies the best renewable energy supply solutions possible is a distinctive feature of our international experience.

Green energy, sustainable projects, competitive costs and customized solutions are the main advantages of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): a tool that helps us build solid partnerships with our commercial and industrial clients. We also supplement our PPAs with a wide range of additional services.

Integrated management system policy: health, safety, environment, quality and energy

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Anti-Bribery Policy

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