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Learn with us

Learn with us

How much do you know about the different types of renewable energy? What is the energy transition? Why is talking about sustainable development so important? This is the right place to satisfy your curiosity and learn all about green energy.

Renewable energy

Forces of nature turned into electricity. Sustainable and innovative energy reduces CO2 emissions and fights climate change.

Green Economy

Sustainable development

How can we guarantee essential resources to everyone without undermining options for future generations? Sustainable development is the only way.


Circular Economy

Innovate, renovate, reuse, recycle: the circular economy is among the most efficient solutions to guarantee sustainable development.

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Environmental Sustainability

To keep our natural ecosystem in balance, we have to renew the pact between humans and the planet. We must overcome the challenges of reducing harmful emissions and fighting pollution, with the help of renewables.

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The diversity of animal and plant species, the variety of ecosystems, is a treasure that must be protected. That’s why biodiversity is an essential issue for the future of the planet.

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Green thoughts from great minds

Scientists, economists, university lecturers and journalists. We have involved numerous experts so that they can reflect – and advance the debate – on the issues of climate change and the energy transition.