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Our soul guides us toward our mission

Our soul guides us toward our mission

Our mission

Enabling progress with sustainable energy

We enable electrification and deliver sustainable energy taking care of people and the environment. Sustainability means value for all the people involved. That's why we develop strong relationships with the people of consumers, partners, investors, institutions and local communities.

With them:

  1. We build trust fostering a continuous and constructive dialogue.
  2. We act responsibly joining forces across generations to fight climate change.
  3. We grow together through collaboration and innovation, becoming a partner of choice.
  4. We act proactively pioneering change through an open mindset. 

Our soul

Our soul is our distinctive way to make things happen, this is how we achieve our mission. 

Our people are the heart and the brain of our company, and our success depends on their actions. That's why we develop our Compass: to clearly define our common behavior baseline, promoting a kind and distributed leadership, cultivating and a fair and inclusive environment, where everybody enjoys and takes ownership.

Our Compass is founded on Enel four values: Trust, Responsibility, Innovation and Proactivity and is composed by 4 mindsets and 12 behaviors:


Win together

  • Be passionate.
  • Create bonds of trust.
  • Share your thoughts. 

Empower and take ownership

  • Be committed.
  • Lead through kind leaders.
  • Care & grow. 

Keep it simple, fast and smart

  • Be prepared & flexible.
  • Communicate to engage.
  • Focus on the essential. 

Go beyond

  • Be bold.
  • Be persistent & resilient.
  • Be curious, humble & innovative.