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From green energy to sustainable energy

From green energy to sustainable energy

Generating clean energy with renewables is just the first step, as our business strategy embraces sustainability throughout every project phase.



As we comply with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, our focus is on guaranteeing access to energy for all, while tackling climate change and collaborating with local communities.
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Sustainability is the pole star guiding our way of doing business - creating shared value wherever we operate and integrating UN Sustainable Development goals in our business strategy.
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Value chain

We onboard clients and suppliers to follow our lead in the quest for a greener future.
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Renewable and sustainable energy

Enel Green Power has devised a development strategy that constantly implements sustainable actions and practices. Our proactive approach is structured to pinpoint opportunities to create shared value between the company and the territories where we operate. Our activities are focused on a constant dialogue with interested parties and integrated with careful studies of the social and economic context, in order to define effective measures that comply with the needs of local stakeholders, while remaining on track with corporate targets. The end result is creating energy that’s not only renewable but above all, sustainable.

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From words to deeds

People, communities and companies alike have all witnessed their lives and business improve, thanks to the sustainable choices made by Enel Green Power. Check out their stories on video.

Sustainability as the key factor and driver of inclusive growth

Creating sustainable energy means taking a stand on the fight against global climate change. Enel Green Power has set ambitious and measurable goals as it strives to guarantee a truly global and widespread access to clean and reliable energy. Our suppliers help us make sure that the components we use and the infrastructures we build with them are ever more sustainable, from a social, environmental and economic standpoint. We’re working hand in hand with our largest clients to join forces in delivering long-lasting sustainability projects.

Sustainable development, the compass for our activities

Melting glaciers

Climate change

Working towards a carbon-free future means mitigating the effects of climate change by spearheading the energy transition as we substantially lower CO2 emissions through our renewable power plants.

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Access to energy

Our aim is to guarantee widespread access to clean and affordable energy sources that benefit both the people and the Planet. 

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Local communities

We’re developing outreach, training and employment programs throughout the territories and communities where we operate.


Sustainability as outreach and a pledge

Every project comes with a detailed master plan creating long-term shared value initiatives, delivered by collaborating with selected partners. Since 2015, we foster sustainability abiding by UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

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Creating shared value

We collaborate with communities to improve their social and economic context while, at the same time, test new partnership opportunities through grassroots organizations and innovative start-ups alike.


Sustainable Development Goals

Enel Green Power has publicly pledged to implement the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in its own business strategy.

Sustainability Projects

Our projects in the world

Working closely with local communities means building stable and positive relationships. To feel part of them. Our different Creating Shared Value projects help us to combine our mission to diversify the energy mix with a concrete contribution to the socio-economic development of the people and territories where we operate.

Projects +750

Projects +750 Carried out in 2019

People +850k

People +850k External beneficiaries of SUS projects

Value chain

Sustainability as an opportunity for companies, suppliers and clients

Implementing the CSV model throughout the complete value chain gives way to our best practices like the creation of business models that make it even more sustainable - in construction sites, power plants and offices, as well as in dealings with clients and suppliers. 


Inside the Value Chain

We’ve overhauled the way we design, build and manage our power plants with sustainability at their core. By measuring the environmental footprint of Enel Green Power activities we mitigate their impact by creating shared value. This is our way to combine social and economic development with the circular economy.


Beyond the Value Chain

We value our suppliers whenever they implement circular economy solutions, while supporting our clients in diversifying their consumption patterns in order to increase their sustainability levels.

Inside the Value Chain

Environmental conservation and caring for people’s health start out from our workplaces like construction sites, power plants and administrative facilities.


Sustainable construction sites

We’re engaged in reusing, recycling and recouping all materials used in the construction process of a power plant. Furthermore, emissions from construction are lowered by harnessing energy efficiency systems.

Wind turbine

Sustainable power plants

We implement cutting-edge technology and circular economy solutions to curtail the environmental impact of O&M activities, streamlining the operational efficiency of power plants and a conscious use of resources.


Sustainable buildings

Our buildings comply with the world’s highest standards in energy and water consumption, safety and comfort for the workforce, accessibility and biodiversity.

Beyond the Value Chain

We foster synergies with suppliers and clients in order to boost the sustainability of our power plants while improving quality of service.



We promote the adoption of circular economy practices as our suppliers carefully choose materials based on their sustainability level. We make sure the environment and workers are cared for. We invest in training as a way to develop a new generation of local professionals, while we fully endorse the local supply chain and business sector. 

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We analyze our client needs and design tailor-made sustainability projects while creating partnership to support a shared vision.

Not only can companies grow with sustainable energy, they can also take advantage of incredible leadership opportunities. Your business too can be part of this transition towards a low-emissions economy. Are you ready to embark on this journey? Download our guide to find the solutions that are best for your business and for the future of the planet.

Sustainability is our business