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Sustainability is our watchword

Sustainability is our watchword

A no-nonsense, measurable and multi-faceted approach leads to sustainability and the Creating Shared Value model, as it changes for the best the lives of people and communities where we operate.

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Hydroelectricity, the perfect partner for integrated water use
From the heat of the Earth to the energy of rivers: sustainable tourism in Italy, Spain and Chile
Sustainability and family farming, a project in Brazil that feeds the future
People are at the center of sustainability in Brazil and Greece
Goal 5: Overcoming gender bias by studying renewables for a green future
Goal 5: building renewables with BIM: a talented young female engineer
Our training and mentoring programs for young South Africans
Coming to terms with agrivoltaics
More sustainable power plants: the targets reached with the Sustainable Plant model
Goal 5: the story of a young woman in a leadership role in Spain