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Work at Enel Green Power the green choice

Together, we can build a better future. Join us.

Why choose us?

It’s possible, even when working in a company, to have a positive impact on the world beyond our own role At Enel Green Power, we give people the opportunity to play an important role in and actively contribute to achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). An example? The main objective of our “Connecting Energies” international corporate volunteering program is to make a long-term positive impact in the disadvantaged communities of the countries in which we operate. To do this, we rely on the voluntary efforts of our people, who make their professional and human skills available wherever it’s needed. In so doing, we contribute to the sustainable development of those communities and also consolidate our social role.

To date, across the world, there have been around 1,800 beneficiaries of the various projects that form part of this initiative, all thanks to the efforts of the more than 90 corporate volunteers who’ve put their energy into helping those who need it most.

Join us

Would you like to grow professionally with us? Check out our open positions, or tell us about your experience with a spontaneous application.