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EGP around the World, a journey through the green planet

EGP around the World, a journey through the green planet

We have a world of renewable energy to showcase: find out all the stories and faces of Enel Green Power throughout the 5 continents.

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Promoting health and well-being in Brazil
Goal 5: a businesswoman committed to sustainability in Panama
Goal 5: A journey overseas chasing her lodestar
A great future for an area steeped in history
The Giro dell\u2019Acqua: a day dedicated to sports, nature and sustainability
Our last coal-fired power plant in Chile has been shut down
The end of an era in Teruel and the beginning of a different future
Andorra thermal power plant
The Giro dell\u2019Acqua: harnessing the power of young people and sports to make hydroelectric power even more sustainable
South Africa, the energy transition in a podcast
Spain: taking giant leaps towards decarbonization