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Our projects

Our projects

Localization, information and fun facts: use the map to travel around the world to visit Enel Green Power’s sustainable renewable projects.

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Our portfolio

Green generation

A journey into the heart of renewable generation through the different phases in the life of a plant, from design to construction, up to when it becomes operational, with insights into our most advanced projects.



A close-up look EGP’s symbolic plants which stand out for their uniqueness. This is thanks to the use of some of the energy’s world’s most advanced sustainable and innovative solutions.

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In development

Projects that are still being assessed in terms of their feasibility, as well as their social and environmental impact.

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Under construction

Projects that are in various phases of completion and in different countries around the world.

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In operation

Our fleet, which consists of more than 1,300 power plants, provides sustainable energy for millions of families.

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Renewables around the world

Renewables seen from a new perspective: we travel around the world in order to see Enel Green Power’s projects for clean and sustainable energy. We take a look at them, both from close up and from within.