Enel Green Power Brazil (EGPB) currently has a total installed capacity of 2.7 GW, of which 0.78 GW from wind, 0.68 GW from PV solar and 1.27 GW from hydro.

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EGP for the protection of the Lear’s Macaw and biodiversity

In Brazil, near our Delfina wind farm, we’ve launched a conservation program for the species Lear’s macaw, which, thanks to EGP’s efforts, is flying again in its natural habitat


Greener than the Amazon

We’ve built the Apiacás hydroelectric system in the Amazon jungle. We are in the municipality of Alta Floresta, in Mato Grosso. An area with high biodiversity that hosts about half the animal and plant species on Earth. A priceless heritage that Enel Green Power protects every day