RES4Africa, in Nairobi to change gears on renewables

Published Friday, 28 October 2016

“Why are we here as Res4Africa? The aim of this association is to ensure that the public and private can work together, setting shared objectives and proposing a common approach.”

– Francesco Venturini, Enel Green Power CEO

"We don't want to come to Africa simply to build a power plant. Instead, our goal is to offer an integrated approach that includes not only the plant's construction, but is also concentrated on cooperation with the local reality. This means training and educating the young people that, in the near future, will be the technicians actually responsible for building that plant and carrying out maintenance work. Because, as mentioned earlier, they are the people who will make the country great, and not only for its infrastructure".

"Enel Green Power", explained Venturini, "is always searching for growth, and Africa and Asia are becoming two new hubs to turn to. As concerns the future of EGP, besides Morocco, South Africa and Zambia, we are developing projects also here in Kenya, where at the moment we are in the early stages of preparation for projects in wind and solar and we are pre-qualified for a major tender in the geothermal sector.

“The importance of events such as Nairobi is in the ability to bring experiences gained in Europe and in other parts of the world, helping countries that want to create the conditions to develop renewables effectively and with a long-term view.”

– Francesco Venturini

A Platform for Dialogue

The project, added Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General of RES4Africa, is a platform for dialogue between the various stakeholders and has the mission of supporting the development of renewable energies in Africa, along with solutions for energy efficiency and their integration into regional markets, in order to meet local energy needs.

In particular, to face the new energy challenge and all the related development opportunities of renewable energy in the Sub-Saharan region, "it is undoubtedly important to investigate the true scale of the problem and the availability of resources", added Vigotti, according to whom Africa "is rich in resources but has limited access to energy for the populations".

In this context, the private sector and foreign investors will therefore have a key role in supporting new investments, contributing to the increase in system competitiveness in ​support of innovation in energy infrastructures.

The "African Century" of Sustainable Energy

The IEA (International Energy Agency) estimates that investments in the energy sector will increase significantly in the near future in sub-Saharan Africa.​

Thanks also the the attention to climate and energy in Africa as a result of the COP21 in Paris 2015, large amounts of capital are expected to flow into Africa. Optimistically, and yet sustainably, the twenty-first century could truly become the "African century" of sustainable energy.