Enel Green Power’s New Website: an Open World to Share

Published on Friday, 2 December 2016

“An easy, accessible and intuitive site; designed mobile-first and focused on user experience. Following Enel’s new brand identity translates the Group’s Open Power philosophy into the digital domain.”

People and Innovation are the stars of the new site, which uses storytelling as its main narrative method.

The faces and voices of those at work in the countries where we are present accompany us on the quest to discover Enel Green Power, renewable energy sources and technologies that are changing the energy business and the daily lives of all.

A navigable map of our plants throughout the world is a window into Enel Green Power’s daily activities, demonstrating our geographical and technological diversification, in constant evolution and development.

“Through the site, it’s now possible to get in touch with all our offices around the world, find out what we are doing in each country, propose new innovative ideas, and apply to work with us.”

Join Us is the invitation that we extend 360°, to new graduates and experienced professionals alike, to start-uppers and makers as well as businesses that have made technological innovation their core business.

Openness, participation and sharing are the distinguishing traits of the dialogue we are starting through the new site, like they are in the dialogues we carry out in the field, with the communities living in the places where we work.

We’ve discovered a new world of clean energy, sustainability and innovation. We want to share it with anyone who is looking to the future and opening up new paths to build a new world, on a human scale and respectful of the environment.