Record Day for Solar at Ituverava

Published on Friday, 28 October 2016


At the Enel Green Power solar field worksite under construction in Brazil, 11,676 315Wp solar panels were installed and 131 kilometres of cables were laid

Construction continues nonstop at the Ituverava solar plant, one of Enel Green Power’s biggest.
Located in the state of Bahia, in the northeast of Brazil, the farm will be able to generate over 550 GWh a year, enough to meet the annual consumption needs of more than 268 thousand Brazilian families. As the end of the works, anticipated for the end of 2017, approaches, the EGP team have set a new incredible record: on 27 October, no less than 11,676 solar panels, each with 315Wp, were installed, along with 131 kilometres of cables, in a single day. The previous record belonged to South Africa, where last 6 July, during the construction of the new solar plant Pulida, in the province of Free State in South Africa, the E&C team installed 9,405 panels in one day, for a capacity of approximately 1.2 MW.

“I am very proud of the whole team. We achieved this incredible result of 11,676 panels and 131 km of cables installed in one day with extreme efficiency and strategic management .”

– Fabrizio Gibin, Project Manager Ituverava

Throughout Brazil, Enel Green Power has a total installed capacity of 546 MW, including 401 from wind, 12 from photovoltaic solar and 133 from hydroelectric. Furthermore, the company has projects in progress for 442 MW of wind, 102 of hydroelectric and 807 from solar.