South Africa: A New Website for the green retail of Enel

Published on Wednesday, 21 December 2016

New graphics for Enel Energy South Africa, following the Group’s brand identity update.

Enel Energy South Africa is growing and modernising. Enel's presence on the Rainbow Nation's retail market, rising from EGP's trailblazing experience with development in the renewables sector, is getting stronger and stronger.

The business, now growing both for residential and commercial targets, will soon expand to the area of Johannesburg, where the market situation looks very interesting. The offer, currently based on innovative photovoltaic kits with TESLA batteries, is being developed with a customer-oriented perspective, in order to respond to all the needs of the local market. Energy management, savings, comfort and safety, with solutions for home automation are the key values of the new offers.

As part of this communication strategy, the digital component plays a prominent role, and the Enel Energy South Africa website is the main showcase

User experience is fundamental to the new restyling. The site is completely user-centred and was created with a mobile-first approach. The tone of voice sums up the Group’s Open Power positioning, reflecting the company’s strong international identity; the ability to think globally and act locally.

The public has given its approval to the new release of The “engagement KPIs”, in terms of page views, visitors and average session time immediately showed an improved performance.

On the homepage, the concept of empowerment is given maximum importance. Just a few clicks to discover how much can be saved on electric bills, by choosing turnkey products and services

The “Start Saving Now” simulator is the pride of the website. Users, with just a few clicks, can receive a quote for the product most suited to their needs, directly in their email inbox.  

With the offers YouPower Sun, YouPower Storage, YouPower Sun Storage and YouPower Omni, dedicated to the residential and business markets, thanks to the partnership with GreenFin, in just a few steps it is possible to apply for financing and pay for the cost of the system in instalments.  

All clients can monitor the energy production and consumption of their own system in the My Energy section. 

And that’s not all. In a few steps, users can ask for free advice from an Energy Expert, who can explain all the advantages of this investment, profitable and safe over time.

The second release of the site in such a short time was made possible by a great team effort, involving, together with the central retail team, Enel Energy South Africa, Global Digital Communication, Innovation and Engineering & Construction for EGP, and Information and Communication Technology.