Innovation Competition 2016, Enel Green Power’s 3.0 global renewable competition is here again

Published on Thursday, 15 December 2016

The public competition addresses startups, companies, individual makers and innovators, whose proposals will be evaluated by a team of Enel Green Power experts and judged by an international jury.

The two challenges on which the ideas should focus, with proposals based on technologically innovative solutions and proposals, are the following:

  1. Robots localization – we are looking for technological solutions that can be embedded in state-of-the-art robots/drones and allow to determine the exact position of autonomous robots during internal inspections of complex and expansive tunnel networks.
  2. Maximize Albedo – we are looking for solutions (covers, paints, coatings, or otherwise) to treat the ground surface in order to reflect more light than natural grounds thus maximizing ground albedo and consequently the performance of bifacial PV plants.

The winner in each category will receive 15,000 dollars. The deadline for submitting projects and ideas is January 15. For the competition, Enel Green Power uses the InnoCentive online platform, based on the principles of open innovation and crowdsourcing and conceived as a meeting place for seekers and solvers worldwide.

The seekers include multinationals, public and private companies, government institutions and non-profit organisations, research institutes and laboratories. The solvers are researchers, professors, scientists, inventors or simple users from over 200 countries, eager to find a solution to the most critical problems.

Since 2003 InnoCentive has applied the dynamics of the contest with awards to launch more than 1200 "challenges", collecting over 24,000 ideas and granting approximately 7 million as a reward for solving 866 problems belonging to the most diverse disciplines.

In the 2015 edition of the Innovation Competition the evaluation committees selected seven winning proposals, with two ex-aequo, among the 130 innovative ideas that were submitted. The winners were honoured at "Open Mind - Let's Innovate the World!", the event that took place on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 Enel Auditorium in Rome.

CLICK HERE to enter the InnoCentive website and submit your proposal!