"Made in Italy" Brand Brings Sun to the United Arab Emirates

Published on Monday, 16 January 2017

“The over 200 panels installed on the roof of the embassy were produced in Sicily, by our company 3SUN in Catania, and both the company supplying the conversion unit and the project contractor were Italian as well.”

– Massimiliano Tarantino

Thanks to cooperation between the Italian Embassy and Enel Green Power, it was possible to create the first photovoltaic project ever on the roof of an embassy in the United Arab Emirates. An all-Italian success story that points toward an increasingly green economy.

“We are very satisfied about this innovative and sustainable energy production project that we’ve completed in Abu Dhabi, together with the Italian Embassy”, said Enel CEO Francesco Starace

“Projects linked to green embassies were first launched by EGP in 2010, establishing one of the future pillars of the Open Power philosophy: opening up our energy to new partnerships. ”

– Francesco Starace

The project in Abu Dhabi is part of the Farnesina Verde initiative, launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Its partnership with Enel Green Power started in 2010 in Brasilia, where the first photovoltaic solar installation at an Embassy was created, bringing together attention to the environment and promotion of the Made in Italy brand.

The Italian Embassy in Bucharest recently acquired two electric bicycles with rechargeable batteries, donated by Enel Green Power and Ducati Energy Romania. They will be able to replace the cars used for city post delivery, reducing the environmental impact and the cost of the petrol used previously.

Finally, the Italian Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro joined the Farnesina Verde network, partnering with Enel Green Power for the installation of a photovoltaic system on the terrace of its property, Casa d'Italia.