A Hospital in Uganda for Kids from All of Africa

Published on Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The construction of this structure brings together Emergency’s paediatric surgical excellence and the all-Italian excellence in the field of technology, energy and sustainability. The hospital will also be a training centre for young doctors and nurses coming from all of Africa. “Similarly, Enel Green Power is also committed to training members of local communities who will then be able to take care of the maintenance of the photovoltaic modules installed on the building’s roof as well as new photovoltaic installations throughout the country”.

In addition to Enel Green Power, there are many other Italian companies that took part in the project in Entebbe, where they were able to bring the beautiful and goodness of the Made in Italy brand. The Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni and the Minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng, also participated in the foundation-laying ceremony. “During his speech, the president emphasised the importance of this structure, which represents the only paediatric surgical hospital in all of Africa”, adds Sonia Sandei. “Here, children will be treated and undergo operations completely for free. This will be possible thanks to the great commitment of Emergency, which raised the necessary funds. The president wanted to personally shake hands with all the donors involved”.

The Ugandan Government decided to actively participate in the project, donating the plot of land where the surgical Centre will be built, while the Renzo Piano Building Workshop designed the hospital in collaboration with Tamassociati, with structural design by Milan Ingegneria and plant design by Prisma Engineering.

“This hospital will be a model for medical excellence, environmental sustainability, energy independence and harmonious distribution of space”, said Renzo Piano. “The vegetation will be the horizon for its young patients, the trees like a metaphor for the healing process”.